Seven New Measures to Raise Revenue Domestically

Seven New Measures to Raise Revenue Domestically

March 31, 2022

Ghana’s Finance Minister has announced seven (7) domestic revenue generation measures in response to the country’s current economic challenges. The measures include:

  • the implementation and collection of the revised property rate by end of April 2022;
  • the rollout of a simplified tax filling mobile application by July 2022;
  • the implementation of E-VAT/E-Commerce/E-Gaming initiatives by end of April 2022;
  • the enforcement of the ‘no duty-no exit’ policy at the Meridian Port Services Terminal to increase revenue generation at the Tema port;
  • fast-tracking of the passage of key bills such as the Tax Exemptions Bill and Fees and Charges Bill following the passage of the E-Levy;
  • partnership with the private sector to introduce digital systems to monitor quarrying, sand winning and salt winning to increase revenue from natural resources; and
  • the Government will also prioritise the Revenue Assurance, Compliance, and Enforcement (RACE) Programme to plug revenue leakages in high-risk areas.

The measures, if appropriately implemented, are expected to revive the country’s economy by shoring up domestic revenue while controlling government expenditure and can go a long way to cushion the citizenry and boost investor confidence amid the country’s current economic challenges. 


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