Ghana’s YouStart Program to Commence in April 2022

Ghana’s YouStart Program to Commence in April 2022

March 21, 2022

The Government of Ghana's flagship youth job creation programme, YouStart, is set to be rolled out in April. The Ghana Enterprises Agency (“GEA”), the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (“NEIP”), and partner financial institutions will implement the programme with GH¢10 billion for the next three (3) years.

YouStart is a vehicle for young entrepreneurs to access capital, training, technical skills, and mentoring to launch and operate their businesses. YouStart will specifically support youth-led enterprises with the following packages:

  • Soft loans of up to GH¢50,000;
  • Starter packs of up to GH¢50,000 for individuals and GH¢100,000 for associations and groups; and
  • A standardized loan package between GH¢100,000 to GH¢400,000 at concessional rates for SMEs from financial institutions.

YouStart will also provide skills development, entrepreneurial support, business advisory services, access to competitive credit and starter packs. It will create access to markets for businesses, including portals to facilitate ‘digital linkages’ between youth-led enterprises and other businesses and relevant governmental agencies.

A website will be launched in April to receive applications from potential beneficiaries. Applicants can also pick up an application form from the offices of the GEA, NEIP, and any of the partner financial services.


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