Ghana.Gov Platform to Help Increase Revenue by Ghs3 Billion

Ghana.Gov Platform to Help Increase Revenue by Ghs3 Billion

July 28, 2021

In line with Ghana’s new agenda to digitize government bodies and public services, the Government of Ghana recently rolled out a comprehensive digital service and revenue collection platform to provide a single point of access to services for the public and serve as a gateway for government payments. The Platform is also intended to cut out unnecessary bureaucracies and corruption in the provision of public sector services to the public. The launch of the Platform will increase government revenue by an estimated GHS3 billion.

While noting that the system had already processed over GHS 30 billion during its pilot phase that ran from June to December 2020, the Finance Minister touted the viability of the Platform as a measure to curb revenue losses through inefficiencies, theft, or other accounting schemes. Further, the government has reiterated its commitment to upholding data safeguards with data processed through the Platform by utilizing/leveraging the Data Protection Commission and National Cyber Security Centre.

It is expected that the Platform will enhance government’s revenue collection and bolster the fight against corruption and inefficiency in the public sector.


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