Autism Awareness and Support

November 30, 2018

As a firm, we are passionate about investing in people and caring for our community. One community that we are particularly focused on is the autistic community. Autism awareness and support in Ghana is quite low and the opportunities to educate autistic children is very limited. As such we have chosen to support MultiKids Academy (“MKA”). MKA is a unique, inclusive international school located in Accra, that provides an excellent education for all children including autistic children with a broad range of abilities. We really admire the excellent work the MKA is doing and the opportunities it is affording many autistic children who would otherwise be unable to attend any sort of educational institution.

In February of 2016, the firm donated a mural to the school. The mural was painted by the entire team of n. dowuona & company, with the help of a professional painter. In the upcoming year we aim to raise funds for MKA to enable them to purchase equipment for physical occupational therapy and to provide speech therapy. For more information on MKA please visit their website at