Isaac's journey so far

Isaac's journey so far

My time at N. Dowuona has been nothing short of exciting, coupled with progressive learning and that consistent crave for excellence. There are so many things that have made working at N. Dowuona an extremely enjoyable environment and key amongst them is the firm’s information technology department.

The firm’s technological advancements are a thing to behold. We can agree that working in a legal space requires a lot of research and all the necessary tools and materials to get the job done properly and on time. Being a member of the IT department, I can confidently say without hesitation that the advancements put in place with regards to information technology is indeed exceptional.

Another key highlight for me would be the sense of urgency and willingness with which everyone in the firm does their work. One would think or assume it is forced, but it generally comes off as natural, and this resonates across all levels of management. That warmth and assistance is felt the minute you walk through the front door of N. Dowuona and it is indeed something I really cherish and admire about the firm.

Working in a legal environment can be tough in terms of the workload and timelines, but N. Dowuona makes you forget that sometimes. Fun Friday sessions were introduced to enhance team bonding and for us to hang out during our downtime. Karaoke nights are never-miss moments, and game nights are as fun as they are competitive.

It is never a dull moment working at N. Dowuona, simply because we all dance to the same tune and teamwork, like our boss would say, makes the dream work.

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The n. dowuona & company culture is special, and we continually grow and develop that culture by recruiting the best people, and investing in their training and development. Our dynamic and rewarding work environment embraces and encourages dedicated professionals who seek to be challenged, and who share our commitment to exceptional client service.Though we value excellent academic credentials and superior legal skills, those are not the only qualities we look for. Our primary goal is to build a well-rounded team of individuals who are motivated, confident,talented, enthusiastic, and, most of all, creative. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please send a resumé and a cover letter to

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