Winnie's pupilage experience!

Winnie's pupilage experience!

Coming out of law school, I had my own idea of what my first contact with the working world should look like. I had decided to branch out into the commercial and transactional law space of legal practice and determined to find a place that met my interests. Admittedly, the Ghanaian legal terrain did not provide a variety of options and it was obvious that the exceptional firms available will be heavily competitive.

Prior to applying to N. Dowuona & Company, I connected with the Managing Partner on LinkedIn and had been following the firm during the end of my undergraduate years as well. I was particularly drawn to their informational legal pieces and publications and the wonderful women who worked there.

I resolved to be a part of the history being made by this group of mostly young and super-talented women.

Joining N. Dowuona & Company as a pupil was a dream come true. I was inspired right from the first interview panel of wonderful ladies to the last panel with the Managing Partner. I remember going back home and dancing because I had just had a face-to-face with a phenomenal mentor I aspired to be like.

Working as a pupil at N. Dowuona & Company is the best decision I made in entering the working world. As a new lawyer, imposter syndrome constantly knocked on my door but was quickly assuaged by the ever patient and understanding team which was committed to teaching while doing the work. The Managing Partner’s encouragement and inclusivity in brainstorming sessions and trainings helped build my confidence as everyone’s opinions and ideas were equally considered.

The most profound impact that will live with me forever, was when three months into my pupilage, I lost my dad. I definitely could not have gone through that difficult period without the overwhelming support I received from the team, especially the Managing Partner who gave me generous amounts of time-off, reduced workload, personal checks and suggestions on grief counselling. I was amazed at this pour of grace and vowed to pay it forward whenever I am in a position to do so.

Being accepted into the N. Dowuona & Company family has been one full-circle moment of my professional and personal life that would forever impact the way I journey through life as a person and as a professional. I have been blessed to witness strong, brilliant, amazing and beautiful people in a field that is still predominantly male-dominated, and to be a part of the best team one could ask for.

Long live N. Dowuona!

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The n. dowuona & company culture is special, and we continually grow and develop that culture by recruiting the best people, and investing in their training and development. Our dynamic and rewarding work environment embraces and encourages dedicated professionals who seek to be challenged, and who share our commitment to exceptional client service.Though we value excellent academic credentials and superior legal skills, those are not the only qualities we look for. Our primary goal is to build a well-rounded team of individuals who are motivated, confident,talented, enthusiastic, and, most of all, creative. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please send a resumé and a cover letter to

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